Project Morocco

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, has a population of around 32 million inhabitants and an infant mortality rate equal to 26.49 ‰. Each year 5,000 children are born with congenital heart disease. The data demonstrate, therefore, that the two existing centers, the public Cardiology Center of Rabat (already operational) and the private center in Casablanca, are insufficient to meet the needs of the country. Precisely for this reason the Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Morocco, the Casablanca University and the Ibn Rochd Hospital, has decided to develop a plan that provides, in the short term, the organization of operational missions in site
and a training program for the medical and paramedical staff
by awarding scholarships at the IRCCS San Donato General Hospital and, in the long run, the creation of a new center for cardiology, pediatric cardiac surgery and pediatric vascular surgery, which can provide children with heart disease of Morocco and neighboring countries further treatment options. Once the new center will be equipped with a dedicated operating room, hemodynamics, an intensive care unit with 7-8 beds, a hospital pediatric ward (25 beds) and the area reserved for clinics, doctors' offices, office and meeting room.

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