Project Egypt

Egypt is a country of around 84 million inhabitants with 12,000 new cases of neonatal heart disease each year. The Association has been present in Cairo for more than 10 years, a period in which it has been possible to train local cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, rendering them autonomous in the treatment of children's congenital heart disease after the first year of life. At the present time, however, the paediatric university hospital of Cairo Kasr El Eini is still not able to achieve good surgical outcomes in respect of those neonatal cases with complex heart disease: for this reason the Association, after having created a new recovery room for neonatal heart surgery with 4 beds (inaugurated on 1 July 2005) is still continuing the training program and missions in site, even at the Police Hospital in Cairo, where it is being completed the project for the creation
of a Unit of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Neonatal.

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