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The head office of the project is Shisong (Kumbo), in the region of Anglofona in the northwest, close to St. Elisabeth Catholic General Hospital, which has already been in existence since 1936 and is still today managed by the Terziary Sisters of St. Francis. The new cardiac surgery centre, officially inaugurated on 19 November 2009, is equipped with 2 operating theatres, haemodynamic, radiology, intensive care, short-stay ward and neonatology. The hospital is working perfectly and constitutes the first cardiac surgery centre in Cameroon and all its neighbouring nations, covering an area inhabited by more than 200 million people. During its first two years of activity 219 cardiac surgery operations and 90 procedures of diagnostic and interventional cardiology were performed at the “Cardiac Center”. As well as financially contributing to the construction of the new centre, the Association has supplied the tools and all the equipment and medical materials necessary for its operation, together with the provision of training by the I.R.C.C.S. San Donato General Hospital of local medical personnel and Cameroon nursing staff. The objective is to maintain, after the inauguration of the centre, the professional
tutorage for the new cardiac surgery hospital for the next five years.
The Cameroon Project is carried out in partnership with the Terziary Sisters of St. Francis and the association “Cuore Fratello Onlus”, initiated in 2004. Prior to the first official inauguration of the “Cardiac Center” the project accomplished the following: the opening of a diagnosis centre (November 2002); the surgical treatment in Italy by the I.R.C.C.S. San Donato General Hospital of 122 children suffering from congenital heart disease; the first 18 paediatric surgery operations in Cameroon performed by the Association's medical team through the General Surgery Unit of the St. Elisabeth Catholic General Hospital; the organisation of the Primary Congress of
Cardiology of Cameroon (February 2006).

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