How we operate

In the countries where our help is needed, every mission happens with the voluntary participation of a specialised team comprising cardiologists, surgeons, anaesthetists, intensive care doctors, nurses and technicians that bring the necessary skills to carry out the interventions.

We carry out on-site visits to the children with heart disease and identify those that need operating on urgently. In the 5 days of the mission we analyse and diagnose around 250 children, about a dozen of which we operate on and the others we cure.

In addition to curing and caring for the children with heart disease, the Association also creates the conditions necessary for sustainable health development in countries in which it operates: it builds health facilities, donates technical and surgical materials and trains the local doctors directly in the field, so that they can become change makers in their own countries.

Before embarking on our operations we establish the degree of urgency in the country, the type of humanitarian emergency and the characteristics of the local health system: every intervention is shared with the governments and scientific and university organisations in the locality, so that the demands of the population can be fully responded to.

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Our guiding principles

  • Impartiality

    We operate in developing countries without discrimination through gender, race, culture or faith.
  • Sustainability

    We promote health projects of sustainable development, with the intention of changing the future of the poorest populations of the world.
  • Solidity

    We adopt a rigorous and professional approach, always evaluating the suitability and effectiveness of the interventions.
  • Transparency

    Every intervention is carried out with the utmost transparency both with regard to the results achieved and the methods of self-financing employed.
  • Development

    We believe in people and we continuously seek volunteers that leave the missions in the best condition in order to be able to fully develop their operational activity; in addition, we believe in the potential for local resources and in the possibility of them becoming autonomous in the future.
  • Participation

    We collaborate, wherever possible, with local governments, scientific organisations and with national and international university organisations.

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